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Anonymous: what is yoour personal tumblr


Anonymous: I am 5'10" and I am girl and I am also still growing is that tall?

I’d, uh, I’d say so, yeah.

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don’t make me disable the anonymous button. some of the questions y’all are asking me can easily be answered privately and i don’t want to clog up people’s timelines with text posts. :/

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Anonymous: What height do you consider a guy to be tall?

In my opinion:

6’1+ is tall

5’11 - 6’0 is normal

Anything less is short 

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Anonymous: would having to stand in the back of pictures be a problem? unless you already have it

http://tallpeopleproblems.tumblr.com/post/8940321683/submitted-by-needyoun0w kind of the same

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